The Path to a Meaningful, Authentic and More Joyful Life!

Global Authenticity Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity organized to help the residents of California and other states as well as international communities, live more meaningful lives of well-being.

We accomplish this through a unique tool, The Authenticity Grid and its corresponding Authenticity Assessment. Used together, these give people a self-coaching tool to help understand themselves in new ways, gain clarity on their life's purpose, get confirmation of next steps and the courage to move forward.

When offered to groups, the program helps members strengthen relationships, recommit to shared goals and build interpersonal and intrapersonal capacity to accomplish goals.

Our programs are offered in a variety of ways.

Mentoring - our work with individuals is to mentor them through transitions, help them view themselves in new ways, and guide them to recognize the authenticity they bring to the world. Mentoring is performed by facilitators

who are certified in Global Authenticity Foundations' authenticity process.

Training - we produce seminars to teach these tools to groups as well as work with individual organizations. In these sessions we help team members recognize their differences and guide them to respect each person's uniqueness and appreciate what they bring to the table. The result is teams who are more confident about civic engagement, comfortable with communication and have the courage to speak out for themselves and to be their authentic selves..

Dialogues - in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have expanded our facilitator led, online dialogues to address individual and community well-being. These programs feature community leaders who share information and provide mentoring on various aspects of well-being including mental health, nutrition, values, gifts and talents, lifestyle, relationships, abundance and more. Our goal is to provide information and give participants the mentoring needed to go through the pandemic with a healthy mindset and a content spirit.

Global Authenticity Foundation was founded by Norma T. Hollis, a transformational coach who writes programs for human development. She is the originator of the Authenticity Grid and Authenticity Assessment.

A former Head Start director and the first black woman to own a speaker bureau for black speakers, Norma has always been focused on helping people live a more meaningful life and to share their story.

Global Authenticity Foundation was created to share her work with communities who can benefit from a personal development/self-awareness tune-up and boost. Her programs have been shared across the United States and internationally in China and Barbados, and soon in Australia. Norma trains facilitators to deliver the content to their communities, whether it is a geographic or psychographic community, particularly during this COVID-19 crisis.

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