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Our programs are based on the Authenticity Grid and corresponding Authenticity Assessment. These tools reveal a person's view of themselves, including their emotional intelligence, strengths and vulnerabilities, and natural gifts and talents. With this information we coach, mentor, train and offer online classes to youth through seniors to guide them to recognize their authentic self, identify ways to live with authenticity and how to use their natural gifts and talents to share their authentic self with the world. The result is increased self-awareness which is the foundation for connecting with purpose, raising self-esteem and generally gaining more focus and inspiration for creating a meaningful and productive life.

Our programs address elementary through senior citizens. When individuals participate they gain clarity about career, transitions and next steps. When communities participate in this process it builds trust, strengthens relationships and reveals group purpose. Youth are inspired to pursue careers aligned with their natural gifts and talents. People in transition gain focus on their next steps. Participants also gain the inspiration and courage to move forward and feel comfortable expanding their civic engagement.

It's a 'personal development tune-up' that leads to increased       well-being.

Click here to experience the complimentary Authenticity Assessment and get introduced to the Authenticity Grid.



We offer original programs that guide people to gain insight and depth on self-awareness. Self-Awareness: The Key to Taking Care of Your Mental Health and Wellbeing is one of multiple articles that have researched the value of self-awareness. Through our process, people gain self-awareness and learn how to use the Authenticity Grid as a self-coaching tool.

We have a team of trained facilitators who teach concepts of authenticity to groups of all ages. Many of our training programs are delivered as interactive games. Some use multiple facilitators who tell personal stories of challenge and triumph as a way to instruct and inspire the audience. All programs help the audience to raise self-awareness,

Some of our current programs are:

~Raising Authentic Children - to help parents recognize and raise their children emphasizing their natural gifts and talents

~Reclaim Your Life - to remember your purpose and get back on track

~No Regrets - to establish life goals and live in such a way that you have no regrets

~The Masquerade Game - a highly interactive game to identify and use your natural gifts and talents (Photo sample)

~The Gifts Game - an opportunity to uncover natural gifts and talents and discover the wide uniqueness of each individual

To discuss one of our programs schedule a meeting by clicking here..



A labyrinth is a meditative walking tool that dates back to Ancient Egypt. When walking a labyrinth you are forced to focus as you follow the path.


The opposite of a maze, a labyrinth is one winding path that leads you to the center and back out if you just follow the path. The way you navigate the labyrinth is a metaphor for how you manage your journey through life.


We offer community walks annually in Los Angeles and by request, travel with our 30' x 30' canvas. Labyrinth walks can be conducted indoors or outdoors. Indoors offers a quiet, reflective walk while outdoor walks are generally more festive though also meditative.


We also traveled to China to teach students to create and then walk a labyrinth. It's a universal tool that bonds families, organizations and communities.

To discuss a labyrinth walk, click here.

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