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How We 

Can Help Each Other

Become a Member

You gain self-knowledge that will raise your consciousness and guide you to find, live and share your authenticity with joy, and a network of like-minded people to interact with.

We gain income that will assist us to serve more people and help them to live with authentic joy as well as the joy of meeting people with similar objectives and the satisfaction of inspiring you.

Our membership includes people who are interested in living authentically, in fulfillment of their purpose, among like-minded people who want to make a difference in the world. 

We meet each Tuesday at 5:00 Pacific time to expand our consciousness about authenticity, discuss common goals, get inspired to take action and gain clarity on the action we need to take. Often individuals get coached by the leader or by someone in the group. We freely share and freely learn and in the process, discover more about ourselves, raise our consciousness and increase our commitment to ourselves and the world. 

These Dialogues are led by Facilitators who have been trained in the Authenticity Grid. They help you interpret the Authenticity Assessment and learn how to apply the concepts to your life. Participating in the calls often becomes a pivot point in the life of those who participate.

Join us - $21 paid monthly

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Take Classes to Discover Your Authentic Self

If you are a self-paced learner, you will enjoy the classes at Authenticity U. These classes are aligned with the Authenticity Assessment and Authenticity Grid. You can take individual classes on any of the dimensions of the Authenticity Grid or you can take the full classes for a total "Self-Awareness Tune'Up'.

You will raise your knowledge of self.

You will reflect on things you may have never thought about and gain new views of yourself.

You will identify the one thing to tweak to get you closer to your goals.

You will be inspired.

You will gain courage.

We gain the deep satisfaction of sharing information that changes lives.

We are also then able to serve more people.

Take some classes that will guide you to go deeper into yourself. If you have ever wondered who you are and what you are made of or if you want to strengthen your emotional intelligence, classes at Authenticity U will assist you.

The classes at Authenticity U are available to you at a discounted rate.

Learn more about yourself and learn what one thing you can tweak to gain a better life

Discover the classes by clicking here

Donate, Get a Rebate

When you join Dynamic Pay, both you and Global Authenticity Foundation gain donations from major companies.

Did you know that there are hundreds of retailers that give you a rebate just for using their products? This means when you buy gas, go to the market or drug store, order from a restaurant, even when you buy can get from 1% - 10% in rebates and not pay a penny over the price you pay without the rebate.

So why not treat yourself to an easy return on investment? You can donate and get a rebate - it's a win-win!

Participate in our Rebate Program with Dynamic Pay. Here's how it works:

1. You pay an initial $25 registration fee. This fee is applied as follows:

2. Designate how you want your rebate distributed. We suggest you allocate 50% to yourself and donate 50% to Global Authenticity Foundation,

3. Download the app on your phone.

4. Connect the app with your bank account so your purchases come directly from your bank. DO NOT CONNECT YOUR CREDIT CARD because the credit card company will charge you a percentage, your bank account will not.

5. Next time you shop at one of the 100's of stores participating, use the app on your phone and start collecting rebates that you can use for future purchases.

To get started, click here:  Global Authenticity Foundation Sign-Up | Dynamic Pay

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